Ing arsa sung tuladha ing madya mangun karsa tut wuri handayani



Read the text to answer question 1


1. To the guest, what does the notice mean?
A. The guests are advised to check out at 12 for an additional room's charge.
B. The guests will pay an extra bill due to checking out after 12 noon.
C. All guests are not allowed to check out after 12 o'clock.
D. It is a must for every guest to check out at 12.

Read the text to answer question 2

To: Dewi
I've just got the news that my grandmother is sick and is now hospitalized. My family and I have to visit her immediately. Therefore, I cannot attend the class tomorrow. Would you mind submitting my report to Mr. Juhari? ( It will be due tomorrow). Thanks for your kindness.
2. For her friend, what should Dewi do?

A. Asking the teacher a permission.
B. Helping Aldi to hand in his project.
C. Telling the class that Aldi is absent.
D. Visiting the grandmother with Aldi.

Read the text to answer questions 3 and 4
All Students of Grade 9
You are invited to:

Day/Date: Saturday, the fifth of July
two thousand and ten
Time: 7pm – 10 pm
Venue: Ball Room, Sultana Hotel
Jl. Sudirman kav. 10 – 12 Surabaya

*Invitation card available at the OSIS room.

3. Where will the graduation party be held?

A. At the OSIS room.
B. On Sudirman street.
C. At Global JHS.
D. At Ball Room, Sultana Hotel.

4. How long will the farewell party be carried out?

A. 2 hours.
B. 3 hours.
C. 4 hours.
D. 5 hours

Read the text and answer questions 5 and 6.
Dear Bima,

Congratulations on your success
to be the best photographer journalist 2009

The manager and staff of
The JJ Daily Post

5. Bima’s profession is most likely … .

A. a journalist of a magazine.
B. a journalist of a newspaper.
C. a photographer of a magazine.
D. a photographer journalist of a newspaper.

6. The text is written in order to … .

A.announce to people the best photographer
B.invite people to come to JJ Daily Post
C.inform people about Bima’s new career
D.pass on good wishes to Bima on his success

Read the following text to answer questions 7 and 8

To :
RE : Planning 4 holiday
Date : June, 29th 2009

Hi, Akmal. How’s life? We’re going to have a long holiday this summer, aren’t we? What are u going to do? U know summer is a good time for camping and hiking. We plan to go to Salak mountain. It’s a nice place for camping and hiking, and also for fishing. There’s a river near campsite. But I’m not really keen on it. At night we’ll sit around the fire and sing songs. Why don’t u join us? It’ll be more fun if u come. Let me know soon.

Your friend

7.What activities is Denise going to do in the long holiday?

A.Camping and hiking.
B.Camping and fishing.
C.Camping, hiking and fishing.
D.Camping, hiking, singing, and sitting around fire.

8. They are going to go to Salak mountain because ...’s a summer season.’s a nice place for holiday.
C.they’re going to camp and hike.
D.they’re going to fish in the river.

Read the following text to answer questions 9 and 10.

To : All Marketing Managers
There will be a meeting this afternoon January 4th 2010 at 01.30 pm. The meeting will discuss the customers’ orders.
Please bring the documents needed.

Thank You
Secretary Director

9. About the the customers, the meeting will deal with their ...


10.Who are supposed to attend the meeting?

B.All marketing managers.
C.Secretary, director, and all managers.
D.Director, secretary, and all marketing managers.

Read the following text to answer questions 11 and 12
Visit Tamansari
You will find a unique atmosphere of the past periods.

Tamansari is an interesting place to visit. Many tourists come to Tamansari to find a unique atmosphere of the past periods. It is located about 2 km south of Yogyakarta Sultan Palace and was built by a Portuguese architect. Besides, the location is very close to the Sultan palace, Tamansari has its own specialty in attraction reflected in some unimpaired ancient buildings and its atmosphere as the main tourist object of Yogyakarta.
The Tamansari complex consists of:
1. The Sacred Room
As a hermitage place for the Sultan and his family.
2. The Bathing Pool
A pleasure place for the royal family with
two bathing pools that are separated with a 2-storey building. The water sprouts from a forming animal statue into the pool. The pool is also adorned with some big flowerpots.
3. Kenanga or Cemeti Island
This is an interesting part with some buildings such as Kenanga or Cemeti Island (forming Island), Sumur Gemuling and underground tunnels. This artificial island is a high building used as a room to take a rest and an inspecting spot. This will be the only building appearing when the canals are opened and the water over flows into this area. From a higher place, it looks like a lotus floating in the middle of a big pool.